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Operation Management for Taipei City Sewage System

I.Operation management

Until now, the pipelines and facilities of sewage system have been widely deployed in each administrative district in the city. To deal with such a dense and intricate piping network and massive number of facilities, it requires a well-based and efficient operation management system for carrying out the user management and system maintenance in order to demonstrate the optimal function of the sewage system. 

1. Regulatory rules relating to sewage system

Currently the users of the sewage system will be managed pursuant to the regulatory rules specified in “Sewerage Law” and other regulations promulgated by the central government, including Enforcement Rules for the Sewerage Law, Regulations for Collection of Sewerage Construction Fees, Sewerage Engineering Standards, and Standards for the User's Drainage Facility of Sewerage.

This Office is commissioned for executing the construction and management of sewage system. To effectively manage and promote the pipeline connection, the operation management and violation audit for the sewage system users, the statutory rules listed below are established: 

(1)Taipei City Sewerage Management Regulations
(2)Self-Government Ordinance for Collection of Sewerage Tariffs in Taipei City
(3)Self-Government Ordinance for Local Contributions by Sewage Treatment Plants in Taipei City
(4)Management Regulations for Night Soil Dumping Stations in Taipei City 
(5)Taipei City Sewerage Construction Standards
(6)Organic Regulations for Management Committee of Local Contributions by Sewage Treatment Plants in Taipei City
(7)Enforcement Rules for Sewerage Violations in Taipei City
(8)Compensation Guidelines for Installation of Sewerage Pipelines in Public and Private Buildings in Taipei City
(9)Management Guidelines for Installation of User's Drainage Facility in Taipei City
(10)Subsidy Guidelines for Conversion of Existing Underground Septic Tanks to Sewage Sumps by the Sewerage Systems Office of Taipei City.
(11)Unified penalty standard for Taipei City government resolving issues in violation against the Self-government Ordinance of the Taipei City Sewage System Management with unified penalty standard
(12)Unified penalty standard for Taipei City government resolving issues in violation against the Sewage Act related to the sewage system

2. Collection of sewage system using charges: 

A huge budget would be required for executing the management of construction and maintenance for the sewage system. Based on the “user pay” in using the sewer system, the charges will be collected from the users having been connected with the sewage system. In accordance with the regulations of “Self-Government Ordinance for Collection of Sewerage Tariffs in Taipei City”, we also authorized Taipei City Water Department to collect the usage charges along with the tap water fees from the tap water users according to the water consumption in each month.

After launching the collection of sewage system usage charges from 1983, we have implemented the computer information system to process relevant collection activities and operation management in order to improve the accuracy of the collection related operation and the service quality for users. 

3. Information-based management: 

With the attributes-related pipeline facilities data and the user’s pipeline connection information card, it allows the citizens to know about the collection status of the sewage usage charges as well as the sewage pipeline deployment in the vicinity area through the network easily. 

II.Maintenance management

In view that certain degree of influence would be produced to the piping channelnel system after being used for certain period due to the environment factors as well as the construction method and quality or other events. Therefore, the subsequent maintenance management task for the constructed sewage system will be one of key job items of this department. 

1.Maintenance of piping channel system

By April 2018, we have completed over 940,000 meters of piping channels for the construction of Taipei City Sewage System; including over 200,000 sets of facilities such as manhole, sub-drain, piping box and service hole, etc. To maintain such a massive amount of piping network facilities at optimal function continuously 24 hours a day, to extend the service life of these piping channel facilities and to ensure their safety, maintenance inspections will be executed for items such as on-site manhole inspection, the internal inspection of primary/secondary mains and branches as well as the maintenance of piping channel related facilities. 

2.Plant/Station maintenance:

In structure, Taipei City Sewage System is composed by extraction (pumping) stations, interception facilities and river-crossing section working well, etc. The system will run automatically 24 hours a day. To maintain the facilities of each plant (station) at normal operation status, we authorized the private operators to perform the operation maintenandce of facilities in these plants and stations. In the meantime, we also connect these plants and stations with the Central Control Room for supervising/monitoring the system so as to maintain the normal function of sewage conveying system in this city. 

Plant/Station Equipment Operation Maintenance

3.Monitoring system: 

To simplify the manpower, we have implemented the monitoring system in the extraction/pumping station and interception station one after another from 2001 to 2018. In this way, the equipment operation status of each extractin (pumping) station and each interception will be transmitted to the Central Control Room through direct ADSL line of Chunghwa Telecom for performing 24-hour monitoring of the operation status of each equipment in order that they will be controlled effectively.

24-hour supervising and monitoring the equipment operation status

4.User service

To serve the users connected with the pipeline, we have implemented “1999 direct line” as well as the citizen service line (Tel: 25968603; Fax: 25968672) to provide the remedial clean-up service for the clogged public sewage pipeling or relevant consultation, etc. 

Source: Sewage Systems Office, Public Works Department, Taipei City Government

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