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Daan Forest Park: An Ecological Utopia for Small Critters

Located in the heart of Taipei city, Daan Forest Park is an ecological oasis with rich and diverse life forms. Ecological surveys show that the park is home to 36 species of birds, 5 species of reptiles, 4 species of amphibians, and over 120 species of trees, earning Daan Forest Park the nickname “the lungs of the city”. More than two decades have passed since the park first opened, the saplings planted then have now grown into tall trees and their lush crowns provide shelter for all sorts of animals. The park’s diverse ecosystem has also attracted crested goshawks, a bird of prey which can be found perched high on top of the trees. This shows that the ecological network in the park has gradually stabilized. Furthermore, we also reintroduced old water sources, which disappeared during urban development, to the park. After reintroducing and restoring the habitat, the water areas have become one of the rare places for firefly watching in the urban city. This is the pride and joy of Taipei’s ecological protection plans.

We can enjoy all this beautiful scenery thanks to our volunteer team who tirelessly protect and maintain the firefly habitats. Because of their dedication, hundreds of fireflies were observed during the firefly season between 2017 and 2018. Furthermore, in order to let neighboring residents feel more connected with the park, experts and volunteers actively introduce the environment to the public and help maintain order during guided tours. We hope that young children can be exposed to environmental education as early as possible and fireflies can be found in the park forever. 

Photo 1. Volunteers cleaning up the ecological pool in Daan Forest Park. 

Photo 2. Experts and volunteers introducing the firefly habitat to the public and maintaining order during guided tours. 

Photo 3. Water birds gliding about at the ecological pond.

Source: Parks and street Lights Office, Taipei City Government

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