Conclusion-observations and recommondations

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Expo Topics

Four Professional Water Expo Topic

Smart Water Management Green Infrastructure Circular Economy Water Treatment

‧ Flood Prevention

‧ Smart Stormwater Management

‧ Smart Water Supply Management

‧ Datalogging and Management

‧ Forecasting and Simulations Technic

‧ Open Data

‧ IoT

‧ Water Conservation and Infiltration Facility

‧ Garden City

‧ Green Roofs

‧ Restoration of Urban Blue and Green

‧ Urban Watershed Management

‧ Recycling of Water Resource

‧ Rainwater Capture and Reuse System

‧ Reclaim Water

‧ Environment Protection

‧ Wastewater Treatment

‧ Purification Systems

‧ Water Supply System

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