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For the past few years, the population increased, urbanization intensified, and flourished industries had resulted in water demand increased. Due to natural environment restriction, Taiwan area water resource development had been affected by the uneven distribution of time and space. Although Taiwan has an average annual rainfall of 2510 (mm/year), and it is 2.5 times of the world average, there are only 20% developed water volume. The amount of water available each year per person is only one-sixth of the world’s average, and Taiwan has been listed as one of the water shortage countries. The situation of contaminating and damaging river quality is commonly occurring. Water shortage is becoming an inevitable issue due to the difficulty of opening up a new water resource. The supplement of water resource is under extreme pressure. Therefore, implement maintainable water resource has become an arduous task to achieve next stage. Furthermore, everyone must actively promote the task of connecting and promoting the development of sustainable water. 

The theme of the conference is “sustainable Taipei, Sponge City, Resilient Sustainable Vibrant”. We look forward to progress water environment and achieve water circulation through effective technology and technique. To make Taipei citizen be more water proactive, and create a sustainable future. This conference had specially invited international distinguished experts who are luminaries in their respective field. They will advertise water regeneration technology and water saving method base on different topics. We look ahead that Taipei City is able to possess adequate disaster tolerance and resilience under extreme climate, and its water resource will provide sustainable and stable multiple sources of water supply. At last, established Taipei city as a diverse water environment, ecology, and sustainable city where the public can affinity with water.

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